Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Finally, i'm back!!! It's been almost a year since I last posted...Got so busy and couldn't find time to stop by or let's just say, got really lazy :( For whatever reason, i'm just happy to be back and hopefully for good? Hmmm, let's just say, if time and my energy permit, why not?

I missed blogging about my creativity with food, guess, it's not the same kind of feeling anymore because I have just found a new hobby over the summer and it's Photography...So, I began taking pictures of food, flowers, sights, people and of course, my dog Ruby, my favorite subject...My brother introduced me to this new toy I have, a Canon DSLR T1i...I went back to Hong Kong and Manila last spring '10 and my brother showed me how to use my point and shoot camera properly...I didn't even realize that those buttons on my camera have specific use...I was always on "Auto" setting and it could've been better...He also mentioned that DSLR cameras take better quality pictures...I've always been a Canon user, so it wasn't hard for me to decide to buy and learn how to use it...

I used store bought cake mix for these cupcakes, afterall, it's just for pictures...It's just a plain ganache and some sprinkles i've never used in months...Again, it's just for pictures :) When I was into baking several months ago, I bought some decorative ribbons from Target and I was able to use them at last!

These pictures were taken just after a week I bought the camera...I was still exploring the settings and the lighting...I found this perfect spot in the house which is the Sun room that has big windows on 3 sides of the room...That made it even easier using natural lighting...

These are just some of the many pictures i've taken...Now that I finally got my groove back, I can't wait to post them all...So, watch out!!!

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