Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mini Pink Cheesecakes

I usually make these Mini Cheesecakes for Heller's Bakery. Since I have lots of fresh strawberries, I decided to puree and cook them instead of decorating my cakes with fresh ones. They tend to dry quickly which is not attractive on the shelf. I would normally brush them with Apricot glaze for shine but it's not enough to keep for a few days. Plus, converting them into a sauce helps keep longer in the fridge or freezer. To give it a bright pink shade, I used a drop of red food coloring. I used some of the sauce mixed with a little gelatin in the center of the cake for flavor and contrast. I found these colorful sprinkles at Marshall's in their food aisle.

I used the same "Basic Cheesecake" recipe. For the pink whipped cream, I folded in some of the strawberry sauce and red food coloring.

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