Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine Cupcakes

Valentine's Day happened to be on a Monday this year, so I decided to bake a Chocolate Cake from scratch that morning at work...I used the Williams-Sonoma recipe and made almost four dozen cupcakes...I frosted some of them with sweetened whipped cream just in time for the afternoon break at 2pm...I sold a dozen pretty fast for $1.50 each...

I had bought these Valentine themed sprinkles the week before from Target...I thought these were so cute and would make a great decoration for cupcakes...I've been planning for this for quite a while...I didn't even think twice as soon as I saw it at the store...I also bought a Valentine themed pink hand towel and a vase...I had already pictured it in mind on how it would look in the photos...And yes, I was very pleased with the result of the pictures :) Just how I wanted!

The pictures above were taken outside the house under the shade...I wasn't quite satisfied with the pictures below that were taken indoors...It could be the bright sun shining through the windows that was a challenge for me to tone down...It's all because the windows in the living room is facing west...I didn't get the chance to do it in the sun room because of our house guest occupying the space that same day...The shadows are very noticeable :(

These pictures below were taken at the school kitchen right before I sold them...Boy, don't they look cute? Of course, they also taste great, Hey! that's a Williams-Sonoma recipe...It's very chocolatey since i've used Dutch processed cocoa...Then the buttermilk added moisture to the cake...They're good by themselves without the frosting...My hubby really liked the cake, he didn't care for the whipped cream...I don't mind...Who needs to gain weight anyway?

The lighting from the school kitchen is just the white fluorescent daylight that's why the cupcakes look more natural in my opinion...At first, I never really liked it but now, I like it even more...I think I should bring my props to work next time, atleast, the lighting is always the same...I don't have to worry about the sun being too bright or setting...

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