Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How do you keep yourself motivated?

I always wanted to experiment on some recipes but I don't get enough motivation...The only time I get motivated is when I read blogs and see their creations...I love looking at their photos especially the ones that look professionally taken...They inspire me so much that make me want to replicate them all...But I don't just have the time...I wonder how much time they spend in their kitchen...Do they have full time jobs during the day? I know that some of them are doing it for fun but still, it requires a lot of time in the kitchen...How do they do that? I really admire the works of Tartelette, Joe Pastry, Gattina, Happy Home Baking & etc...They really do a great job...I always go to their sites and still look at the same photos...I've tried the Elephant ears and they really look cool...There are so many I want to try...Guess, I have to keep trying and probably take photos and post it here...Til next ish...

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