Sunday, December 13, 2009

After the Party Success

As what I had predicted, everybody loved my Chili...T'was a huge success at the party, got a lot of compliments esp. from people who really know about Chili...I'm glad we served it on a crockpot, so it was the only hot item on the buffet table...The Grilled wings were also a big hit, people just tore 'em up...Most of them brought store-bought dishes, bagged chips were ubiquitous, as well as, pizzas...It was a fun evening, all the drinks were gone and people are still having a great time...I've never met most of them but they're cool...We had to roll out coz it's getting late...Had a long day and our neighbors were also having a shindig...My poor little Ruby was a bit scared of the noises they make...That's alright, we're home now...

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