Monday, July 11, 2011

Chef of the Day- Part 3

First up is Yvette from Puerto Rico...She prepared dishes from her country such as Mofonggo and Deep fried Pork...I was very impressed with her Flan (Custard) because of its smooth texture...It was very rich and creamy, yum!

Her table setting by Jose

Slaw Salad

Arroz con Guandules with Fried Pork

Mofonggo cups con Camarones and Virgin Pina Colada

Individual servings of Flan and Family Style Flan

Next is Yin from Shang Hai, like most students did, she also prepared dishes from her country, a traditional Shang Hai cuisine...Well, what can you expect from a Chinese restaurant? They always have dumplings, steamed or fried, which I really love...Yin prepared Pork dumplings with broth. I didn't get to try it because of the filling. But I tried her dessert which is the Glutinous Rice balls rolled in Coconut flakes. I also had her Beef Curry which was really delicious.

Pork dumplings in broth

Lap Cheong stuffed Potato

Beef Curry with Steamed Rice

Glutinous Rice Balls

Next is Jose from Peru...He works as an on call server and he did most of the table settings for his classmates...For his appetizers, he prepared Mussels with Corn and Tomato relish...He also had Peruvian Ceviche with Posole...

Rice with Veggies; Ceviche

Papas A La Huancaina

Bacon wrapped Pork Tenderloin

And last but not the least is Jaime, who is a native of Bolivia...He prepared Bolivian cuisine...He is a restaurant owner in the neighborhood...

Shrimp with Potatoes for appetizer

Beef Tongue with Sweet Potato and Posole

For dessert, it's like a Pear Upside Down Cake

The students' presentations went really well...They presented cuisines from their country which, I guess, is very comfortable and easy for them...Some were mediocre in the palette, some were pretty to look at, some were quite "weird" looking, some were really well executed and some were professionally presented...Overall, they all really did a great job...I wonder how many of them will consider this as their career...That's a lot to think about because working in a real kitchen is no joke...It involves a lot of physical labor, as well as, mental stability...Goodluck!!!

Congratulations Culinary Arts students 2010-2011!!!